Prada Outlet Store
Prada Outlet Store

PRADA in nearly numerous years of development process, through the commitment develop a both classic

Color and innovative spirit of the fashion concept, a world-renowned legendary style.

In 1978, this well-known brand has been given a long history of the development of new elements and vitality. PRADA founder’s granddaughter Miuccia and then have rich experience in the production of luxury replica handbags Patrizio Bertelli established a legitimate income opportunity partnership. Miuccia Prada simply because the chief designer of PRADA, through her talent of fashion talent constantly interpretation for this challenge and innovation of the legend, and Patrizio Bertelli – a creative entrepreneur, not only established PRADA worldwide distribution channels As well as mass production systems, but also cleverly PRADA traditional brand concept as well as the modernization of the advanced technology for the perfect combination.

After more than 20 years of hard work and struggle, this long history of the brand continued development and evolution. Through Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli tacit cooperation, PRADA has starting from a small family business development into the world’s top luxury brands.

Today, there are 166 directly operated PRADA and Miu Miu boutiques, headquartered in the world’s major cities and sightseeing attractions. Located in Hong Kong’s Central Lishan building shops is PRADA’s first 170 retailers. These “light green boutique”, its unique design combines functional and elegant temperament, perfect to through enhancement the PRADA replica handbags. Recently, PRADA outlet store have been set up, their style is unique, shopping and culture get a new consider integrate.

At present, PRADA Group has PRADA, Jil Sander, Church’s, Helmut Lang, Genny and Car Shoe and other prestigious international brands, having said that it also has Miu Miu brand exclusive license.

All PRADA Group products under the command of the assembly and processing come from the Italian Tuscany area Prada Spa jurisdiction, this area is recognized as compared to the most high-end leather goods and footwear production technology and technology. For mass production, requirements of high-quality Prada replica handbags did not lax, never compromise at the quality of the idea of view is right now well-known PRADA corporate philosophy.


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Italian brand Prada in Milan in 1913 to develop. Miuccia Prada’s unique talent lies in relentless pursuit of new ideas, the integration appealing and cultural interest in knowledge, which opened up a pioneering way. She not only can predict fashion trends, more in a very lead the fashion trend. Outlet Prada replica men and women clothing, leather handbags, shoes, glasses and perfume, and provide tailored services.


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